Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looking back at May:

Discipleship Seminar:
The discipleship seminar that Arkadiy was asked to teach was rescheduled and occurred on the 10th of May instead of the 26th of April. It was not that bad as it gave Arkadiy and Zhenya (
Missionary Training School intern) more time to prepare. Zhenya had been through the discipleship course that Arkadiy taught while at training and Arkadiy thought it would be a good possibility for his growth to ask him to teach 20% of the material Arkadiy would use at this seminar. Zhenya was a little bit anxious at first but after going through the material together again, he was able to prepare for it and was excited to use this opportunity. He did a great job! Praise the Lord. The seminar went well. Students were excited to learn and that was a blessing to see. It is always wonderful to work with people who want to grow spiritually and who want to be better stewards of what the Lord has given them especially when it comes to discipling others and teaching them everything that Christ has taught them while becoming fathers (mothers) to them.

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