Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looking back at May:

Orphanage Trip

On the 16th of May we took a group of young men and women from Church to the orphanage in Pridnestrovye (Transnistria). It has been a good trip. It is wonderful to see how the church members grasp the idea of serving these kids more and more with every trip. They have done a wonderful job of loving those kids and sharing the eternal message with them. Being there was a good opportunity to spend some time and encourage two of our interns Lesya and Marina. They will be serving at this orphanage for another 2.5 months. It had been two and a half weeks of their service in the orphanage when we arrived. It was good to debrief with them and to encourage them. They are doing a wonderful work there, teaching the Bible to the kids and sharing the Gospel with the staff of the orphanage (most of them are unbelievers).

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