Sunday, November 14, 2010


Dear family and friends!
Well, another month went by. Time flies. It has been a wonderful month of reconnecting with the old friends, learning and growing together through serving here in Odessa. But let us share with you in detail…

Looking back at October

Missionary Training Program:
We had a wonderful month at the missionary training center. Students have had classes on “how to study your Bible” and then after that they had two weeks of “Systematic Theology” and “Personal Finances”. It was a great time. I guess it is one of the greatest privileges to see them grow in the Lord, in their love and knowledge of Him. It is wonderful to see how they are being challenged by the truth of the Lord’s Word and changed through it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Last week we had a “Kairos” group come and teach on missions. Students got really excited about that and now all of them want to go to India J (considered being the country with the largest number of the un-reached people groups).

Looking back at October

The Church has been good. We are going through the book of Daniel at the moment and it has been good. There are a lot of things we can learn from there, things to do and things to avoid doing. Having a missionary school going we have a privilege of many good teachers coming and so the Church benefits from them preaching there occasionally.
Last Sunday we had a meeting for those people who want to be members so people came and signed the covenant of the Church member. We happy and grateful to the Lord to see the church grow.
We have turned in the papers required for the registration of the Church and now are waiting to hear what the results are. We are grateful that the paperwork was accepted and we pray that we will be registered soon.

Looking back at October

One on one discipleship:
 The discipleship has been a delight! One of the joys of discipling younger believers is that you get challenged by their love for God, their joy of understanding something that seems so simple- it is very humbling and contagious. We grow a lot through discipling others. Discipleship is a wonderful blessing of struggling through the issues together and growing in the Lord together. 

Current Matters - October

Us 3:
Late October we took a trip to Arkadiy’s hometown in order for Mikki to get his tear duct problems sorted out. He had the incision done on the 26th of October and it seemed to go pretty well. The tear duct has been cleared and his eye looks better yet the tear keeps standing in the corner of his eye, not as bad as it used to but it is still there. The doctor said that it could be because of the muscle not working properly due to the numerous previous intrusions. So we are praying for his eye to be completely cured.

Current Prayer Requests - November

Please pray:
-For a full recovery of Mikael’s eye.
-For wisdom with time management.
-For the Church registration to be finished quickly.
-For us to continue to grow closer to the Lord as a couple.
-For the wisdom to serve to our team members and people we disciple.