Monday, September 5, 2011


Dear family and friends!
Please let me share what the Lord has done in these past few weeks and what we believe He has planned for the near future.

Looking Back on August:

Water baptism:
On Sunday the 28th of August we had a water baptism service. It was wonderful to baptize Ira and Andrew.  We had a good time of sharing and hearing their testimonies. We are rejoicing with them in their walk with the Lord.

Looking Back on August:

Girls retreat:
On the 21-23th of August we had a retreat for the girls. The purpose was to encourage and equip them to do follow up with the girls from camp and to disciple those who have professed Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It was a good time and the girls are encouraged. It will be interesting to see how the Lord will use it.

Current Matters- September:

Going to South Africa:

Anneke and Mikki will be taking a trip to South Africa to get a second opinion on Mikki’s diagnose and the way we should go about treating and handling his diabetes. We are excited about the trip but not excited about being apart. They will leave on the 7th of September.

Current Matters: September:

Missionary Training Center
On Tuesday September the 6th we start with the missionary training center. We have 9 students, 7 from Ukraine and 2 Polish. We are excited to have these guys come and learn, we excited to learn with them. There will be a lot of growth opportunities for all of us. (Photo of the last class)

Current Prayer Requests - Sept

Please pray:
• Anneke and Mikki’s travels to South Africa
• For wisdoms for the doctors to give valuable and helpful information
• For the girls to start/continue with the follow up and discipleship. For wisdom for us as to how to help them with that
• For the training center students to come with the right attitude. For wisdom to lead them.
• For the Living Hope Church and wisdom to shepherd  His flock His way