Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dear family and friends!
Please accept our apology for not getting this update to you earlier! We do appreciate your prayers for us during this intense time of ministry! It has been a wonderful month and we are grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness and His work in us and despite us! But please let me share in detail…

Looking back at September:

Missionary Training Program:
We are so thankful that the Lord enabled us to have the training program this year again, thank you for your prayers and your support of this program. The Lord put together a wonderful group of people to work, study and server together. They come from 3 different countries (Poland, Ukraine and Romania) and all are so different, yet united in the same purpose of bringing the Lord glory through serving Him in the way and the place of His choice. God gave me a privilege to serve these students through teaching them discipleship for a week and World Religions the following week. It has been a wonderful time of learning together from the Lord’s Word and from one another.

Looking back at September:

We had a wonderful event on the 12th of September. Two members of our young congregation publicly confirmed the decision they have made to follow Christ through baptism. The girl named Ksusha from Odessa and a brother from Nigeria, who is a student in Odessa and is a member of our Church.
Ksusha invited her mother to attend the baptism service. It was wonderful since her mother is an unbeliever! She got to hear the Gospel and Ksusha’s testimony right there. There were also a few campers who came to spend time with us but are also unbelievers. Our prayers are that they will turn to the Lord as well!

Since we have a young Church (two years to be soon), a lot of things which are happening there happen for the first time. So, last Saturday we had our first wedding! A couple from our Church Pasha and Dina got married. It was great! Pray for us as we hold them accountable as the Church to the vows they brought forth before the Lord, the Church and each other.

Looking back at September:

One on one discipleship: 
The discipleship has been going great! Each of us staff is mentoring one of the students from the missionary training center, and as I said before it is a great joy to get alongside someone who wants to serve the Lord and grow in Him, and help this person in the process of conforming more into Christ’s image! We were also able to meet with one of the couples we have been wanting to meet for a long time, we had a wonderful time together encouraging each other and trying to be a blessing for one another.

Current Matters - September

Us 3:

It has been a little bit difficult with Arkadiy being heavily involved at the missionary training program for three weeks straight (teaching for two weeks and translating the third week). But by the Lord’s help we were able to endure. Thank you for your prayers.
Mikki is one year old! We had a great celebration of his first birthday! He loved the fact that so many kids came and that there were so many balloons to pop! 
Mikael is doing well for the most part. His eye is still not well and the further it goes the more we are thinking about the necessity of incision in order to clear up his tear duct. At the moment he has bad germs in his eye so the incision is not an option but we are working on it and as soon as we will take care of it we will go for the incision

Current Prayer Requests - September

Please pray:
For wisdom as how to serve the students at the missionary training program.
For  wisdom with time management.
For wisdom while dealing with the officials for the Church registration
For wisdom how to continue to fulfil the Lord’s plan in the lives of those whom He has entrusted to us to nourish and to care for.
For wisdom as to how to hold Pasha and Dina accountable to the vows they gave, so that their marriage would increasingly bring honor to God.
For Mikki’s health
For us to continue to grow closer to the Lord as a couple.