Sunday, March 7, 2010


Thank you so much for praying for us this past month. The Lord gave us a wonderful month of serving Him in many ways. It is a joy for us to share how He blessed us to serve Him in the…

Looking Back at February

Guys group:
We had another meeting with the guys. There were 8 of us total. We went bowling together and then after the game we went to our ministry partner’s apartment to have some tea and cookies together. It was a good time and no one really wanted to leave. We continue to build the relationships with those guys and pray that when the Gospel will be presented they would respond.

Looking Back at February

We were supposed to go to the orphanage on the 27th of February. But the orphanage canceled the trip the day before we were going to go. Their driver, who was going to pick us up at the border and to the orphanage, had severe back problems, so now we are looking at going there in April.

Looking Back at February

English Club, in our area:
The English club in our area has been growing and we were able to see more and more people come. We have people of mixed abilities and ages. All of them are there to learn or/and practice their English. It has been an answer to many prayers because for a few years already we were looking at having an ongoing ministry which would involve primarily people from our neighborhood. We are hoping and praying that those who come to the English Club will not merely be able to learn English but will also come to the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Things to Come:

Things to come:
The month of March holds a lot for us. From the 11th till the 21st we have a team from Iowa coming to do a basketball/English Club Camp with us. We are excited about that opportunity to spread God’s Word and His Gospel to the community by means of serving them through teaching the basic basketball and English skills.
On the 27th of March our Church will be hosting a conference on Marriage. We have speakers come from the IM Canada (who will also be teaching at the IM’s annual conference) to run the conference.

Current Matters February

Us 3:
Mikael has continued to grow fast. During the last visit to the doctor the doctor refused to pick him up because he is too heavy for her. He is changing so much so fast. When we think that we have figured out his pattern/schedule, Mikael proves us wrong by changing it. He is such a wonderful teacher of flexibility!
The Lord has been faithful in giving us strength and energy t to look after Mikael and to keep investing into our marriage by purposefully setting apart a time when we talk, listen, discuss and learn together.

Current Prayer Requests- February

Please pray
* For the upcoming trip to the orphanage and the time with Marina
• For wisdom how to prepare and run the guys group.
• For more people to come to the English Club in our area
• For the basketball/English camp, that people would come to know Him
• For the marriage conference, that the couples who will be attending may be encouraged in their walk with God and in their lives together.
• For wisdom to care for Mikael and for one another