Monday, September 13, 2010

30 is not the end :)

Summer is almost over and it is a good time just to look back and review what the Lord has been doing in July and August. And since I have witnessed firsthand that 30 is not the end :), I thought we would write this letter in a little bit different forms sharing with you the 30 ways the Lord has answered our prayers and your prayers for us. So, here we go…
1. Camp preparations went smoothly
2. God brought a wonderful group of campers to camp. They were opened to listen and to discuss the truth the Lord laid out in the Bible
3. God brought a wonderful team which was united in the goal of serving the Lord through fulfilling the great commission at camp. They poured their hearts into the camper’s lives. It was a joy to serve together with a team like that.
4. The Gospel was shared clearly a numerous amount of times both from the pulpit and on a personal level.
5. Some of the campers responded to the Gospel and made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus.
6. Most of the campers went home with a clear understanding of the Gospel and a choice they have to make. They also understood the consequences of those choices.
7. Close relationships were established with the campers thus we have a lot of follow up to do.
8. The Lord kept everyone safe.
9. The Lord let our team run an English day camp in the beginning of August.
10. Even though the attendance was low the unbelievers heard the Gospel and are thinking about it.

11. Brothers and sisters from Church served selflessly at the camps. It was such a joy to see!
12. Marina and Dasha (girls from our Church) got a heart to help out Marina in Pridnestrovye by making short term trips there, assisting her in the ministries where she needs help.
13. The Church sent Marina to Tumen, Russia for two month to help out the local Church there.
SMTC (Seaside Missionary Training Center)
14. The Lord provided funds for us to run the training center this year again.
15. The Lord provided wonderful students (3 from Poland, 1 from Romania, 5 from Ukraine). They want to serve the Lord and come to the training center to get more equipped. They are coming hungry. It is always a joy to teach people like that!
16. The home Churches took an active role in supporting and encouraging those students who want to come! It is rather uncommon, typically Churches don’t care.
17. The Lord provided teachers for this year!
18. The Lord provided the place and a wonderful cook for the training center. We are so grateful!
19. The Lord provided a wonderful translator to help us out at the training center part time. She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with the gifts He has given her. We have known her since 2005 and could not ask for anyone better!
One on one discipleship
20. The Lord has been faithful in helping us to love and care for the people He has entrusted to us.
21. We were able to see growth in the lives of people we serve and we were encouraged by it.
22. The Lord taught us a lot while we were trying to serve people He has given to us.
23. The Bible studies with two of the guys as to how to love your (future) spouse are going pretty well, the guys seem to be challenged and willing to grow (so am I).
24. The Lord gives wisdom and the right words to say for Anneke’s meetings with the girls
Us 3
25. Mikael survived his first camp, and so did his parents
26. Mikael recovered from a weird sickness he had before the camp just before we had to leave for camp, this is after being sick for about 2 weeks.
27. The Lord helped us to grow in our love for Him and for one another while trying to figure out how to serve at camp with Mikael around. We are grateful for His faithfulness to us.
28. The Lord keeps growing us in the area of parenting.
29. We have celebrated our 98th dating monthaversary  in August.
30. We are very grateful for many people all over who are faithful members of our team through praying, giving and loving us. The Lord has blessed us through you in the ways that you can’t imagine.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Water games at camp:


Englsh Class:

Anneke and Mikael:

Ladies Tea Time: