Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear friends and family!

It has been a wonderful month in many ways. Let me share briefly what the Lord has been up to here in Odessa

Looking back on April

Huffmans leaving:
Some of you might be already aware of the fact that our friends and ministry partners, the Huffman family is leaving for the US for one year to try and address Kim’s health issues. We were sad to hear that they will be leaving but we have to remind ourselves that we serve a sovereign God. So, keeping it God-centered we are encouraged for if God allows us to part for a year it implies at least the following:
1. Kim needs it 2. Huffman family needs it 3. Church in Odessa needs it 4. Team here needs it 5. Ministry here needs it. How all of that will play out, we don’t know, yet we are confident that our God is not only sovereign but also is faithful and His plans are not for evil but for good, to give us hope and future (Jer 29:11). So, it will be interesting to see how the Lord will help all of us grow during this year: to the Huffmans in the US, to us and the ministry in Odessa.

Looking back on April

Easter/Passion Friday:
Our Church got together on Passion Friday to remember the sufferings Christ endured for us. We had around 23 people come (including few unbelievers) and had a great time of reminding ourselves of what the Lord has done through communion and meditation upon the purpose of the Lord’s supper and it’s significance to us as the believers. We had some unbelievers show up for the Easter Sunday as well, we hope and pray that the message of the Gospel touched their hearts and it is just a matter of time before they respond.

Looking back on April

Feeding the hungry:
We were approached by our former training center student and asked to teach a seminar on Spiritual disciplines in Tzebrikovo, a small village 100 km north of Odessa. It was wonderful to be there since people were so hungry and willing to learn. It was a blessing to come and to help them to grow. They were so hungry to learn! Praise the Lord!
I was challenged while we were there by realizing what we have as a church, access to books, information, preachers and teachers and by what do we do with what we have. We have probably 50 times more than this Church in a small village, and one day we will be asked by our Master to give an account for what we received and what we did with it, individually and as a Church.

Looking back on April

Another wedding at Church:
We had another wedding on the 23rd of April. One of our Church members and a dear friend Lera (Valeri) got married to an American brother Jacob Nelson. Both of them feel called to serve the Lord full time and it will be interesting to see how the Lord will use them as a couple to display His glory through them and their marriage. They intend to join the missionary training program this fall.

Current Matters - April

Missionary training students update:
Szymon and Vali are in transition at the moment getting ready to go to their new places of ministry. Due to internal regulations they could stay in India only for 3 months. Szymon will go to Pitest, Romania  to serve with the local church there along with Florin Soare (dear brother), and Vali will go to Radom, Poland to serve with Steve Snyder.
Other students are continuing strong at their places of ministry. 

Current Matters- Us

US 3
We are doing well. We are trying wean Mikki and it is not so much fun for either party, however Mikki is being a good sport and a blessing to mom and dad.

Current Prayer Requests - April

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the preparations to the camps, recruiting campers and for more native speakers to come
Please pray for us as a team and as a church while we make transition while the Huffmans prepare to leave.
Please pray for strength for us as we continue with little sleep while weaning Mikki