Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear fellow servants!
The summer seems to have finally settled in which means a different season with many ministry opportunities is here.

Racism is here!!!????

Racism is here!!!????
                The three of us were invited to visit a family whom Anneke ministered to while she was pregnant. They are unbelievers. There was another family invited. We were half the age of those families present. The families are Ukrainian citizens but consider themselves Russians and Russian Orthodox as far as their religious beliefs. We started talking about history and the visit turned to be a 5 hour heated debate with an extreme racist bent. I was shocked! They desired for the Russian empire to be back and one of the engines for achieving it would be the Russian Orthodox Church. I have heard of it before but I have never seen it face to face, it was ugly. But it gave us an insight as to what we can expect as far as the opposition from the Russian Orthodox Church. Russia is trying to create a strong spirit chauvinism and it uses the Russian Orthodox Church as a tool for it. The latter one is being very aggressive as they fight for the control over the person, and once they have it they will fight in order to maintain it. It was an eye opener to me to see that there is a tremendous, purposefully placed political and religious mechanism, designed for expanding Russia’s geopolitical control.

Current Matters - New Church Members

New Church members:
We are happy to announce that this last Sunday we had a meeting with a couple and one gal. They have expressed a desire to become members of our church and for us to hold them accountable as to their spiritual growth. We are excited to have them join us. They are excited about serving the Lord and have been doing it for quite some time now at various places in the past.

Current Matters - Camp ministry

Camp ministry:
Camp preparations are going well. We are grateful that the Lord has provided the funds we were short of and the team members. It is a huge answer to prayers. We will have a mixed team: 6 South Africans, 3 Americans and 1 Canadian. It will truly be an international camp. We are excited about what the Lord will do. He has already done so much!

Current Matters - Upward

Last Saturday we started upward soccer ministry in our neighborhood. And it was exciting. It will go on for three weeks. There were about 13 kids that came and we are looking forward as to what the Lord will do.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Current Matters - World Racers

World Racers:
We have a team of World Racers with us again this year. They will help us with street ministries and the English Clubs. We are planning on having three English Clubs this week and are hoping that it will attract a lot of people from this neighborhood who would come, learn some English and hear the Gospel. We are praying that it will also help us to recruit people for camp.

Current Matters - Us

We are well. Mikki is completely weaned and pretty much sleeps through the night. We are enjoying this adventure of being parents and we are grateful to the Lord for many growth opportunities in different areas.

Current Prayer Requests - June

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the preparations to the camp and recruiting campers.
Please pray for the English Clubs with the World racers, that people would not just hear the Gospel but would respond to it.
Please pray for the soccer ministry with the kids that it would be a wonderful time of proclaiming the Gospel in this area.
Please pray for us as a team and as a church while we make transition while the Huffmans prepare to leave.