Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear friends and family!

It has been a while since we have written and updated you as to how we are and what is happening in our lives. Would you please forgive us for that? I hope this little update will bring you up to speed as to what is happening.

Looking back on Jan/Feb

Looking back…

As we mentioned in our last newsletter we were planning on leaving for South Africa for 7 weeks. Well, we did and now we are back. We are grateful that the Lord gave us this time to rest and to look back, debrief as to what He was doing in our lives, what were good things, what were bad things, what does He want us to change, how does He want us to grow. We did not realize how exhausted we were until we actually found ourselves in SA. It is only after the first 4 weeks we started feeling human again. It was nice to be with the family again. The greatest blessing to us was the local church. We felt loved, cared for and encouraged by them, God has used them in a wonderful way in our lives. We are infinitely grateful. 
Ouma and Little Mikki having fun in the sun :)

Mommy and Mikki enjoying the great outdoors

                                          In our back garden....

no these were all taken at the Lion Park :)

Mikki started with swimming lessons while we were there :)

Mikki discovering that diapers can be used for more than one thing :0)

Current Matters

What about now…?

We had mixed feeling when we were leaving SA: we were sad to leave our family and friends behind, but we were happy to get back into our permanent ministry location. Now we are back and we are getting back into the ministry routine. Christian University opened up again and we were able to have our first Bible Study there of this semester. It will be interesting to see how the Lord will use it in our lives and in the lives of those who come. Essentially the series we covering now are on stewardship helping people to learn how to manage time, money, work, health etc God’s way. In Church we have started working through the Spiritual Gifts series.

Looking ahead:

Looking ahead…
From the 12th of March till the 20th we will have a team from Iowa come and join us in the ministry here. We are looking forward to serving together and are asking the Lord to provide us with many opportunities to make His name and plan known to those who don’t know Him. We are excited to see what He has prepared for us.

Current Prayer Requests:

Please pray:
For us to get back into a swing of things quickly
For us to be obedient tools in the Lord’s work
For wisdom as to which relationship to invest into
For the preparations for the ministry with the Iowa team
For the hearts of people to be opened to learn about spiritual gifts and stewardship
For us to keep focusing on people and not projects