Sunday, October 10, 2010

Current Matters - September

Us 3:

It has been a little bit difficult with Arkadiy being heavily involved at the missionary training program for three weeks straight (teaching for two weeks and translating the third week). But by the Lord’s help we were able to endure. Thank you for your prayers.
Mikki is one year old! We had a great celebration of his first birthday! He loved the fact that so many kids came and that there were so many balloons to pop! 
Mikael is doing well for the most part. His eye is still not well and the further it goes the more we are thinking about the necessity of incision in order to clear up his tear duct. At the moment he has bad germs in his eye so the incision is not an option but we are working on it and as soon as we will take care of it we will go for the incision

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