Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking back at September:

We had a wonderful event on the 12th of September. Two members of our young congregation publicly confirmed the decision they have made to follow Christ through baptism. The girl named Ksusha from Odessa and a brother from Nigeria, who is a student in Odessa and is a member of our Church.
Ksusha invited her mother to attend the baptism service. It was wonderful since her mother is an unbeliever! She got to hear the Gospel and Ksusha’s testimony right there. There were also a few campers who came to spend time with us but are also unbelievers. Our prayers are that they will turn to the Lord as well!

Since we have a young Church (two years to be soon), a lot of things which are happening there happen for the first time. So, last Saturday we had our first wedding! A couple from our Church Pasha and Dina got married. It was great! Pray for us as we hold them accountable as the Church to the vows they brought forth before the Lord, the Church and each other.

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