Sunday, June 28, 2009

Current Matters

The highlight of the month:
Let me start off with a story that has been a highlight and huge personal encouragement to me. In the previous e-mail I have mentioned that the Lord brought a wonderful young man into my life to disciple, his name is Vanya. Vanya has been sharing the Gospel with pretty much everyone God would send his way. His neighbors weren’t an exception. It is a young family husband, wife and a child. The husband and wife are in their early thirties; both of them are into drinking. They would listen to Vanya, but the reality of God would not come through to them. The other day Vanya saw the wife in tears. When he asked what was wrong she said that either her husband or their landlord stole the money she has been saving for her child to buy some things. It was around $150 -$200. Vanya sat down and shared the Gospel with her once again, sharing how much she cost Christ and about His plan for her life. She did not want to make any decision yet but she was willing to listen and did not mind Vanya prayed for her and her situation. When Vanya went back to his place he prayed “Lord, show her Your power, show her Your power!”. The next day he saw her as happy as one can be, he asked what had happened and she said that she went outside and found $300 just lying on the corner of the street! God did show His power! Please join us in prayer for this lady (her name is Natasha) that being a witness of God’s strength and love she would respond properly to the love of Christ and His call.
Vanya will be leaving Odessa shortly for the summer. He is from Russia where he will be spending the time of holiday with his family and ministering at his Church. He is so excited to get back in order to minister there to the local body of believers and to share the Gospel with his friends who aren’t believers yet, who he used to spend a lot of time with. I will miss him! Ministering to him is God’s blessing to me and a privilege.

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