Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Current Matters

Wedding in Romania:
On the 21st of May Arkadiy left for Romania to attend Florin and Avery’s wedding. Avery has been serving with us since 2005. Florin joined our ministry in 2006. He is originally from Romania and Arkadiy has been discipling him since 2006. While in Romania Arkadiy spent time with Cristi, pastor of the Church Florin belongs to in Romania. He is a dear friend of ours. We met while serving in Uganda, Africa. Arkadiy came back home on Monday. Unfortunately Anneke was not able to go with Arkadiy on this trip due to the difficulties she experiences with traveling and the lack of relations between Moldova and South Africa. The Moldovian consul doesn’t know what to do with Anneke because there is apparently a lack of international agreements between the two countries.

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