Friday, June 26, 2009

Current Prayer Requests

Please pray:
•Please pray for more campers for the summer camps. Especially for the family camp campers, we need more families to come.
•Please pray for the time with the Royal Servants (the 32 Americans who come) that it would be an effective time of ministry through which the Lord would be glorified.
•Arkadiy’s family came to visit. Please also pray for the time with them. They are unbelievers (except for Arkadiy’s little sister) and are in need of Christ. Please pray that we would shine His light to them and for the Lord to turn their hearts to Himself. (Please note, in the picture of Ira and dad, the beverage is "KVAS" which is similar to what rootbeer is)
•Please continue to pray for the health of Anneke and little Mikael.

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