Friday, June 26, 2009

Current Matters

The Discipleship has been going wonderfully for both Anneke and I. The Lord has blessed us with people who want to grow and to know the Lord better. One of the men I disciple asked me to meet with his classmate because she had some questions about life, purpose of her being here etc, what a wonderful opportunity it was. So, we met and shared the Gospel with her, explaining who God is, His plan for her life, who is she and what is the purpose of her being here. It has been a really exciting meeting, this unbelieving girl wants to get together more and learn more about God. A friend who I disciple got so excited about this time when we could share the Gospel with this gal that he wants to learn how he can reach out to the unbelievers better. Anneke has been having wonderful experiences this past month as well, seeing growth in the gals she works with. Over all we feel so blessed by the Lord when we look at the people He gave us. They want to learn, they want to serve and they LOVE GOD with all of their hearts, minds and souls. God has blessed us with precious jewels!

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