Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looking back at May:

God has brought a wonderful young man into Arkadiy’s life named Vanya. He is committed to serving Him, has a hunger for God and is very teachable. We discussed the opportunity of getting together and helping one another grow. He has a huge potential and Arkadiy is grateful that the Lord has given him this opportunity to disciple Vanya. Arkadiy offered Vanya to join them and attend the seminar on discipleship that they were teaching at, and he agreed. It was great to have him with us and he learned a lot! We had a wonderful time of worshiping God together through singing and sharing His Word on the way to the seminar location and on the way back to Odessa (the village where we taught is about 2 hours away driving). It has truly been a wonderful time. After we came back Vanya walked up to Arkadiy and whispered into his ear: “If you will go and serve somewhere again, please take me with you!”. The Lord has a wonderful way of encouraging us as we do His work. Vanya and Arkadiy are getting together on a weekly basis now to help one another change and become more like Christ.

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