Friday, June 4, 2010

Current Matters June

Us 3:
We are doing fine and despite all of the business we still get to spend some good time together investing into one another as a husband and wife and investing together in Mikael.
Last week and a half has been crazy because Mikael has been assigned for clearing the tear ducts procedure but in order to do that we need to turn a whole bunch of analyses in. We needed to travel into a few different locations in the city with Mikael trying to get them done. The problem is also that analyses are valid only the certain amount of days (3-7) and if it is too old you need to redo them. We need to have all of them done by Wednesday. Please pray that we would be able to accomplish everything in time. Also , Mikael has got a running nose today so please pray that he would get recover before Wednesday so that the procedure would not get postponed.

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