Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Retrospective (May)

Aviation camp has gone well. Arkadiy had 4 Romanians as his roommates and it was a lot of fun. One of them spoke good English, another one could knew 20% English, the other one knew about 40 words in English and the forth one did not speak any English at all. So that has definitely spiced up the adventure. God gave Arkadiy an opportunity to share Christ with them on few different occasions in private conversations. That has been a blessing! Thank you so much for praying for the opened doors! God layed Velu (name of the guy) on Arkadiy’s heart throughout the camp. He is a fine young man who studies psychology and who came to camp to prove to his friend that it won’t have any affect on him. Well, he was wrong. He went back home a different man who started seeking God purposefully. Isn’t God amazing! Overall camp was full of opportunities.

We took a trip to Arkadiy’s hometown recently to apply for a new international passport for Arkadiy, to remove Anneke’s wisdom teeth (there were two left) and to check Arkadiy’s right eye. It has been bugging him for a long time. It was a good trip and we were able to accomplish all things within a very short period of time! God is good! Concerning the eye issue things aren’t that great. There is a stitch that did not dissolve. And it irritates the eye. They told us that we basically have two options: 1. Live with it 2. Or have another surgery done. So we are praying and thinking about it.

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