Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prayer requests for June:

*For Arkadiy’s eye and wisdom to make the right decision.
*For the orphanage ministry and the Lord to turn not only the hearts of the kids but the hearts of the staff to Himself.
*For the summer camps’ preparations and for recruiting the campers.
*For Velu from Romania, that the Lord will continue to keep working in his life, drawing Velu closer to Himself.
*For about 60 people who heard the Gospel at the Soccer Championship that God would work in their hearts and draw them closer to Himself.

1 comment:

harmonicaman said...

Anneke, you look so happy and beautiful! I wish that I was there with you both again! Pro soccer guy-you look very fit and manly. Grrrrr! I hope you didn't hurt the other players. U R such an animal!
Peace out