Saturday, August 13, 2011

Looking back at July

On the 28th of June Mikki was admitted into Intensive Care Unit. Anneke and I didn’t know whether we will see him alive. He was slowly sliding into a coma and was starting to turn blue and cold. We prayed and asked the Lord to save his life. He did. Few hours later we were told that he has type one diabetes. He spent two and half days at the ICU and then was transferred into a different department of the hospital. Anneke joined him for a week and half and then got sick so I substituted her for about 4 days until we were released from the hospital.
We are grateful to the Lord for a spared life, for all the prayers and help we received!
Right now Mikki is getting 4 shots of insulin a day. It is a constant battles with the level of the sugar in the blood jumping up and down.

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