Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking back on March

English Outreach:

From the 12th of March till the 20th we had a team from Clear Lake, Iowa come and serve to us and with us (us meaning the Church) and that was exciting. The Lord opened up many doors like HIV center, facility for taking care of the HIV affected individuals and families and also the doors of the public schools. We had programs there and used them to invite people to the American Clubs in the evenings. God has exceeded our expectations by bringing a large number of people to evening American Clubs where the team members got to share the Gospel in a form of an interview. We were excited about it since it made the Gospel presentation more of a relational rather than informative only. People seemed to respond well and some would want to learn more and some agreed to having a Bible Study together. That was just exciting. It was a great encouragement for us to see how the Church and the team worked together for the sake of the Gospel serving each other with the gifts the Lord has given to them. It was a blessing to see the Lord at work.

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