Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looking back at November

Pridnestrovye (Orphanage):
As you know our Missionary training center graduate from last year is serving fulltime
in the country which is not recognized by the world. It has been hard but exciting to watch her
grow. She experienced a lot of trouble and opposition, she was betrayed by some of the people
she was working with etc. But by the Lord’s grace she persevered. There were times when she
was close to giving up, yet never did. She continued to trust the Lord. Just few weeks ago we
went to the orphanage and got to spend some time together. We were so encouraged by her
attitude. She said that things are tough and it seems it gets tougher and tougher but she said I
have peace and strength from the Lord to carry on. What a blessing to see a person who is in a
middle of a huge storm yet so peaceful and grateful to the Lord.
During the same trip I got an opportunity to talk to some kids. Want to mention one
girl to you. She is 13 years of age and she shared how she got to the orphanage. She said that she
was living with her mom and she had to drink water from the puddles because there was nothing
to drink and kill and eat the dog meat (not the hot dog, the street dog). The Lord has saved her
from hell of the future, since we believe she trusted the Lord for her salvation, and the hell of the
present. He brought her to a safe place where she was able to hear the Gospel. What a kind and
merciful God we serve.

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