Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Looking back at June

Persecution, again???

On Thursday the 17th we had another Church association meeting. It was a good time of fellowshipping with the brethren. But we got some alerting news. It looks like the country is going back to the times of persecutions. Few laws were passed out which approve some old ways of collecting information, e.g. if your neighbor doesn’t like you he can make a call to the police or KGB and told them that you are doing something strange, like sharing your faith, and then police will come and check you out. Some of the pastors from our association have already been called to KGB for interrogation. KGB gets back to the practices of sending people to Churches and then reporting back to them as to what is going on there. It feels like a cold wind from the past which brings to us bad memories. But the Lord is still in control and if it is His tool for this time to make Churches stronger, so be it. However, please pray for strength.

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