Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking Back at November

Weddings and Funerals:
One cultural/historical thing we never shared with you before is that under the USSR pretty much the only mass outreaches were done only at the funerals and weddings. These would be the times when people would be willing to hear about the Lord and not turn the believers over to the Police. The reason we have recalled that is because Arkadiy was approached by a good friend and asked to preach at his wedding. His reason was that most of the people he knows and works with are unbelievers and if he would invite them to Church they would never come, but if he would invite them to his wedding then they will come. So, he wanted to make sure that most of the people in his life would hear the Gospel. The room was packed with people and I think it was about 150 – 200 people who came. Most of them are unbelievers. It was a privilege to share the Gospel with that many at the same time. We met with the couple before they got married and talked to them about the follow up with the people who will hear the Gospel and both the bride and the groom were excited about it. We will see how the Lord will use it.

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