Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking back at July:

Royal Servant:
We along with a team from US, The Royal Servants have spent most of the month evangelizing the community where we live. It was a team of 29 youth and adults who came to help us in the work of the ministry here in Odessa. We served with them from the 1st of July till the 22nd. Our days consisted of evangelizing through skits, dramas and dances on the beaches and surveys on the streets of our area (with the purpose to bring the survey to the point when it would be possible to share the Gospel). In the evenings we would split into 5-6 groups and go to different courts to play basketball. That would attract lots of people whom we would invite to the basketball tournaments which we would host on weekends. It went great. We were able to have 3 tournaments and present the Gospel to a few hundred people in our area. Praise the Lord for the numerous opportunities to share the Good News. (See pictures below)

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