Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Retrospective for April

Basketball camp went great! Before the camp started we were a little bit concerned about working together with the school here in our neighborhood. The reason for it is that last year we were kicked out of the school a day before the camp was over. The Gospel was shared. We were wondering how this year would go and whether the school would want us back. But when we went to ask the school principle whether we can have the camp she said of course and she even said that we can talk about Christ and Christianity. Praise be to God for an amazing change! The Gospel was shared and now the time of the follow up has to start.

Thank you so much for praying for Marieke, Brendon, kids and us as we were serving them from the beginning of the February till March. It has been a very challenging time but the Lord is faithful! Even though it was a hard time, the Lord is faithful and He has been encouraging, blessing, and caring for us in ways that we could not even imagine. We felt very confident and secure in His hands because of Him holding us! We are very grateful!

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