Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Current Matters July

Us 3
Well, Mikael keeps growing. It is so interesting to observe him grow physically and in understanding of how things work. He is being very curious about everything. Obviously his curiosity keeps us on our toes, because despite his size and age he tends to be extremely fast.
In the beginning of June Mikael has had his tear ducts cleaned and it turned out to be more complicated than what the doctors expected. We are still unsure about his left eye. Not to bore you with the technicalities of the procedure I will tell you that instead of the bottom channel the top one was cleared. It might work, or it might not work, we will see. We will go to see the doctor again in the middle of July for the evaluation of how the recovery is process is going.
We also had the amazing privilege to have Arkadiy's dad and sister, Ira come to visit. Dad is back in Uzhgorod now but we were able to keep Ira here for a little longer :) Arkadiy's mom will soon be coming to visit! Yipppeeeee

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Anonymous said...

Very precious to hear from you1 Mikhail is growing!! We're praying for you, especially as camps approach. Love from us all, Cathy