Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Praises from our time in South Africa:

Here are some praises from our time in South Africa:

*ALL of Anneke’s family were able to be together for Christmas and New Year! It was a great blessing and joy! We also were able to go on a family holiday ALL together! It was SUPER!!!
*We found out we are pregnant!!
* Pieter (Anneke’s brother) and Nikki got married on the 10th and it was super special to share their big day with them
*All the border crossings, and flights went well with no problems; our luggage arrived safely on both sides too.
*We attended a mission prayer group every Friday morning early; it was such a great delight to us and an awesome blessing
*Seeing old friends and making new ones!
*Ministering along side Anneke’s mom in Alexandra, a township close to the center of Johannesburg. It was a joy to serve with Anneke’s mom and help her in her ministry there, and a great delight to see all the little kids faces. (Around 200-300 kids came every Wednesday)
*We were able to get most of the documents we needed to get for Anneke in South Africa.

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